Flower Freshness

Flower Care Tips

Regular Water Changes

Flowers need water.  To minimize and prevent wilting, keep the vase full of water. Bacterial growth is also a problem and will damage your flowers. Change the water in your vase daily which will improve the life of the flowers and stop the smell of decay. 

Remove the dead parts of the flower

Cut the stem before putting it in the vase so that the new stem will easily absorb the water. Remove dead and dry leaves and stems

Temperature Control

Keep flowers away from direct heat including the sun. Maintain a good steady  temperature. Flowers are sensitive to a very hot environment. Keep flowers away from extremes of temperature that will cause them to dry and the colour to fade.

Keep away from ripening fruit

Ripening fruit releases ethylene gas. Although not harmful to animals and humans, this gas causes the flower petals to drop.

Clean Vase

To reduce bacteria, wash and dry the vase regularly. This helps with flower longevity.

Smoke Free Environment

Flowers are sensitive to smoke, always place flowers where their exposure to smoke will be minimized. This will help keep flowers looking fresh for longer.

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